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4 Benefits of Bundling Home Internet and TV Services in Elora


The average Canadian spends over eight hours per day using the internet or TV. Staying connected and entertained is more important than ever. Elora residents can enjoy countless benefits by bundling their home internet and TV services. What are the benefits of bundling exactly? Read on for four reasons why you should bundle your internet and TV … Read more

3 Benefits of Fibre to the Home Web Connection in Stratford


Hold onto your seats; this isn’t your grandma’s web connection we’re talking about! Welcome to the magical world of fiber-to-the-home web connection in Stratford. It’s an upgrade from regular internet setups and is sweeping the community like a tidal wave. If you’re still using a traditional internet setup, it’s time to consider the switch. Read … Read more

Business High Speed Internet: 3 Tips for Choosing Your Best Option

business high speed internet

89% of businesses in Canada maintain an online presence. High-speed internet has become the backbone of many operations. It allows companies to communicate, collaborate, and compete. Finding the right business high-speed internet can be tricky with so many providers out there. Read on for three tricks on how to find the greatest business internet provider. 1. Assess Your Business … Read more

How to Get the Best Deals From TV Service Providers in Orangeville, Ontario


Were you aware that Canadians watch around 21 hours of TV and video content each week? Getting the best deals from TV services providers in Orangeville, Ontario can be a great way to save while enjoying your favourite content. With several TV providers in the area, it’s important to know how to explore them. Are you eager … Read more

Rural High Speed Internet Options in Ontario: An Overview


Only 59.5% of rural households have access to adequate connection speeds in Canada. This doesn’t only mean slow internet and no access to rural high speed internet. For a lot of people, it means limited access to smart home technology and fewer opportunities for state-of-the-art home alarm systems. It also means that remote work and telehealth solutions … Read more

3 Tips for Choosing the Best Business Internet in Shelburne, Ontario


More than 95% of Canadians access the internet today. To reach your public, your company needs a solid and reliable connection. This starts with the help of a business internet provider that can give you the speed, data, and equipment that you are looking for. Your quest for internet providers in Shelburne will yield results when you know … Read more

What Are My Options for Residential Fibre Internet in Ontario?


Have you been on the fence about installing fibre internet in your home? Would it help if we told you that fibre internet has a download speed of 1000 Mbps? That’s five times faster than the fastest cable network! However, it’s not just the technology that gives you the fastest available internet; it’s also your internet service provider. You … Read more

Bingo Returns October 3

Rotary BINGO Returns to Wightman TV, Channel 1 on October 3rd, and runs every Tuesday at 7pm Playing helps everyone win! All proceeds go back into the community through local Rotary projects. Purchase your BINGO tickets at one of our participating retailers today! For rules and where to buy your tickets, click here.