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Our Package

Phone Service

Reliable and affordable phone service.
  • Local Phone Service
  • Long distance as low as 2¢/min
  • Touch-tone, 711, and 911 included

Ten Free Features Included

  • Call Display
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Display Blocking
  • Call Forwarding
  • Visual Call Waiting
  • Home Intercom
  • Ident-a-Call
  • Speed Calling
  • Three-Way Calling

Starting at


Per Month 1, 2
  1. Residential service only. Applicable taxes extra.
  2. Price shown for Wightman Phone Service when combined with another Wightman service in a bundle.

Calling Features

Get the following 10 calling features FREE with Wightman Home Phone.

Learn how to use your calling features


Call Display


Call Display Blocking


Call Forwarding


Call Transfer


Call Waiting


Call Waiting, Visual






Speed Calling


Three-Way Calling


Choose 1 for


Per Month

Add All for


Per Month

Additional Calling Features

  • Account Codes
  • Automatic Recall
  • Call Forwarding – Busy Call
  • Forwarding – Delayed Call
  • Forwarding – Selective
  • Call Rejection – Anonymous
  • Call Rejection – Selective
  • Call Trace: $5.00 / Trace
  • Do Not Disturb
  • PIN Change for Call Forward & Toll Restriction
  • Call Hold
  • Priority Call
  • Reminder Call
  • Toll Restriction

Optional Calling Features

Call Answer + Voicemail to Email

A service that acts like an invisible answering machine. It answers your calls when you’re unable to answer the phone, or when you’re on another call.


Per Month

Wightman ONE

Allows you to be easily contacted at any location. Calls can be programmed to ring at several numbers, or to ring simultaneously at each location.


Per Month

Long Distance Plans

With Wightman phone service you can make long distance calls for as low as 2 cents/min. anywhere in Canada or the U.S., anytime.


Standard Unbundled Rate: Standard Unbundled Rate for long distance 24/7/365, anywhere in Canada & the U.S.

$0.04 / Minute

Standard Bundled Rate: 24/7/365, anywhere in Canada & the U.S.

$0.02 / Minute

Unlimited Canada / US

$29.95 / Month

$1.95 / Month

Audio Conferencing Features and Benefits

Audio Conferencing

This service allows you to conduct secure audio conferences whenever you wish without making a reservation prior to the call.

Name Prompt

Incoming participants are prompted to record their name prior to entering the call. When the moderator presses *8, all participants can listen to an automated roll call, hearing the participants’ recorded names.

Entry/Exit Tones

Distinct tones let you know when participants enter or exit the call. If you conduct large calls (30+ Participants), you might consider removing the tones.

Reference Number/ Charge Code

Select this option when you need to associate an individual audio conference to a specific accounting, matter or customer code, etc. You will be prompted to enter a numerical code of your choice when you enter your audio conference. You can then track and report the conferencing usage by a reference number of your choice.

Name Announce

If you choose “Name Prompt”, you can have the participants names played into the call as they enter or exit. This feature adds to the security of the call.

Live Entry/ Participant Wait

The moderator has the choice of allowing participants to communicate before joining the call or have them wait with music on hold until the moderator has entered. Once the moderator passcode has been entered, all participants will be immediately connected.

Conferencing Rates

Wightman Telecom offers a unique reservation-free teleconferencing service that provides you with one dial-in number and a pass code(s) that’s always in effect so you never have to reserve another conference. You have the freedom to conference whenever you want, for as long as you like and with any number of participants. You also have the added comfort of knowing that operators are always available to assist you at any time before, during or after your conference.


Seat Fee Up to 10 Participants Per Call

$4.95 / Month

Seat Fee Up to 25 Participants Per Call

$9.95 / Month

Seat Fee Up to 50 Participants Per Call

$15.95 / Month

Usage Fee per Minute per User

Applies to each participant during a call

$0.05 / Minute

Usage Fee per Minute per User Using the Toll-Free Number

$0.10 / Minute

Read Our Reviews

Just a simple message to let you know that we have always had very professional and personable experiences with Wightman over the years. At this time I would like to give a big shoutout to Alex, Tracey and Nathan for assisting us to solve our recent internet connection problems …… the old BELL copper wires...
Ken Jones - customer since 2000, Owen Sound
I just wanted to say a big thank you to Ben in technical support and Michelle D at the Orangeville office. They assisted me through a frustrating (for me) email switch to a new tablet. Awesome service was much appreciated.
L & M Kerfoot - customer since 2007, Orangeville
Fantastic service. I had an issue with my wifi/TV, the person I spoke to on the telephone tried his best to fix it, but it needed a technician to come to my home. A technician called about 2 hours later, arrived in 10 minutes and had it repaired with 10 minutes. Awesome!! Thanks
J Lippert - customer since 2015, Walkerton
Definitely one of the easiest companies that I’ve dealt with. Given the fact that they’re one of the few available companies in the area, the risk would be that they would try and get away with cutting corners around support or service, but not the case. They’ve always been extremely helpful when I call in...
Michael - 5 Star Google Review
I got rid of Rogers when I lived in Fergus and tried Wightman. Made a great choice. Saved money and had wonderful services with their internet and T.V. When I moved to Orangeville, we did the same thing and we are glad. You get to watch what you prefer, not what the service provider wants...
Joseph - 5 Star Google Review, Orangeville
 Good people, informative and helpful, nice to deal with real people over talking to someone on the phone on the other side of the country or world
Ron - customer since 2009, Mount Forest
Special thanks to Wightman tech support for their help in setting up the new remotes for the TV. Very professional and most helpful.
Marilyn - customer since 2006. Listowel
Excellent service. I work fully remote in IT and the internet speeds are more than sufficient to do my job and thus far have been exceptionally reliable. I know a number of people in my street who are using the big Red company and their internet goes down quite often.
Andrew, 5 Star Google Review, Stratford
I love this company! Always top notch service and tech support.I would never go back to the larger companies..never! Keep on being fabulous rock!!❤
Susan - customer since 2017, Ayton
Just had Fibre to the Home installed and we are happy with it so far!
Quinton - customer since 2018, Elora