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Wightman Fibre to the Business -
Future-Proof Technology

Learn About Fibre Technology, and Wightman's Commitment to Fibre to the Business

Fibre to the Business technology is a high-speed broadband internet connection that utilizes fiber-optic cables to transmit data as pulses of light. These cables are made of thin strands of glass or plastic and are capable of carrying data over long distances at incredibly high speeds. Fibre-optic internet is known for its exceptional speed, reliability, and several advantages over other types of telecommunications technology, especially for businesses. Here’s why fiber is considered superior for business use:

  1. High Speed and Bandwidth: Fibre internet provides businesses with significantly higher speeds and bandwidth compared to other technologies like DSL or cable. This means faster downloads, uploads, and the ability to handle multiple data-intensive tasks simultaneously.

  2. Symmetrical Speeds: Fibre offers symmetrical speeds, ensuring that both upload and download speeds are nearly identical. This is crucial for businesses that rely on activities like video conferencing, cloud backups, and large file transfers.

  3. Low Latency: Fibre-optic connections have very low latency, meaning data travels quickly between the business and the server. Low latency is essential for real-time applications, such as online collaboration tools and VoIP communication.

  4. Reliability: Fibre is highly reliable and less susceptible to interference or signal degradation, even during adverse weather conditions. This reliability ensures minimal downtime for business operations.

  5. Scalability: Fiber infrastructure is easily scalable, allowing businesses to increase their internet speeds and bandwidth as their needs grow. This flexibility is essential for accommodating increased data usage and future expansion.

  6. Security: Fibre-optic cables are difficult to tap into or intercept, providing an added layer of security for business data. This is crucial for protecting sensitive business information and communications.

  7. Business Continuity: Fibre internet can be complemented with redundancy and failover solutions to ensure uninterrupted connectivity, which is vital for maintaining business continuity.

  8. Support for Cloud Services: With the increasing adoption of cloud-based applications and services, a high-speed, low-latency connection like fibre is essential for seamless access to cloud resources.

  9. Competitive Advantage: Having access to faster and more reliable internet can give businesses a competitive edge. It allows for faster response times, smoother online customer interactions, and efficient data processing.

  10. Future-Proofing: Fibre infrastructure is well-suited for future technological advancements. As businesses continue to rely on high-speed internet for various operations, fiber offers room for growth and adaptation to emerging technologies.

  11. Longevity: Fibre-optic infrastructure has a longer lifespan and requires less maintenance compared to older technologies like copper. This can result in a more stable and consistent internet connection.

  12. Growth: Bringing Fibre to communities makes them more attractive to businesses, attracting both jobs and homeowners, and enhancing home values. 

Fibre internet technology is considered better than other types of telecommunications technology due to its exceptional speed, low latency, reliability, symmetrical speeds, scalability, security, and longevity. It provides a superior Internet, TV, and Phone experience, especially for users who require high bandwidth and low latency for activities like gaming, streaming, and remote work.

Fibre is expensive to install, but Wightman has made the decision to invest in this valuable and necessary technology in the rural communities it serves, because we know that small town Ontario deserves access to the same technology that big cities do. It’s an investment in the future that we feel will pay off for all of us.

Our world is connected like never before, and Wightman is connecting communities for the future. From providing outstanding customer service to giving back to our communities, our deep-rooted values and commitment to our customers are the foundation of our continued growth and success.

“Wightman has been very, very generous with us in offering us a great, quality service.  I think the interaction has been terrific”,
stated Eric Mileham, Owner/Operator for Erskine’s Service Centre, following the installation of Wightman Fibre to the Business for Internet and Phone.


Phone carried over fibre provides the same user experience, but carried over fibre optics. These signals are then converted into a traditional signal at junctions to existing phone lines. Fibre optics offers a higher rate of signal travel and allows your home to be reliant on only the most modern cables, which won’t corrode or short circuit.


Sending signals at the speed of light, fibre optic cables are the gold standard of infrastructure. Used primarily for intercontinental undersea cables, fibre optics are the fastest method of communication known today. Wightman extends this system to its users, bringing you the highest speed internet available. 


With high definition video quickly becoming the norm, cable companies are continually serving the increasing bandwidth requirements of your television. With Wightman, you will have a system more than capable of handling the future demands of high definition and ultra high definition television.

Why Fibre to the Business?

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