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Something for every lifestyle
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TV Packages

Start With Wightman's Basic TV Package


  • One HD Set-Top Box 
  • Major North American Networks
  • Local Streaming Radio
  • Local News & Information
  • Wightman Community TV
  • Wightman Rotary Bingo
  • Watch TV On Demand
  • Use your device as a remote control
  • Includes Free Watch TV Everywhere
  • NEW! Includes Wightman TV – free streaming IPTV!

All for just $29.95

Per Month, in a Bundle
$34.95 Per Month Unbundled

UPICK Channel Packages

UPICK Channel Packs

Add on UPick Channel Packs to Your Basic TV – choose packs of 20, 10, or 5 channels, or pick as many standalone channels as you want!

Pick Any 20 Channels

for just $28.95 Per Month

Pick Any 10 Channels

for just $19.95 Per Month

Pick Any 5 Channels

for just $10.95 Per Month