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What to Expect When You Have a Wightman Technician Appointment

Have you made an appointment with a Wightman Technician? Here’s what you can expect.

Wightman’s Customer Care staff can assist you in set up your optical fibre and TV services for your new home even before you move in. This is whether you are a current customer or prospective client.

If you have scheduled an appointment for a repair or installation, we will start by confirming the appointment, and alerting you once the technician is enroute.

If you are yet to book, call us right away to schedule the appointment. You will need to provide a few details to make identification and trip planning easier. All you need to provide for a start are things like your mailing and service address, Wightman account, or phone number. If you are changing addresses, the technicians might also need to know how to get in touch with you during your move.

To make sure everything is ready and operational when you move in, it’s advisable to give at least two weeks’ notice for already wired homes. And at least 6-8 weeks’ notice if you are moving to a newly built home.

Once you are done setting up the appointment, the bulk of the job now rests with the technician. Here are some things you can expect during your technician visit;

Move with your current equipment

Moving your connection to a new geographical location can attract some moving charges. In case this applies to you, you can call customer care at 1-888-477-2177 to find out the applicable fees. We also advised you to move with all your Wightman equipment except for the ONT (Optical Network Terminal). The Wightman technician will install your equipment, including your current Set-top boxes, modems and routers, and power cords.

DIYs are tempting, but we advise not

Even with Wightman outlets pre-installed in your new residence, you have to wait for the service to be initiated and activated. If this is the case, speak with our Customer Care team to make these arrangements.

You can get fibre installed in your newly constructed home by checking with your builder to see if they already wired the home for Wightman Fibre service, or ask the builder to find out what they did to wire.

Do I need to be present during a scheduled appointment?

We need someone to be home when the technician arrives. If the circumstances don’t allow it, you can make arrangements for a family member or anyone you trust over the age of 18 years to be present. In case all of this is unachievable; you can request the customer care change team to change the appointment date to a time that suits your schedule.

Our services don’t end there. Even after you’ve moved in, we’re still available to help. Our Customer Care and tech support teams are here to help you around the clock, every day of the year.

Please contact us for if you have any queries about your Wightman services at 1-877-477-2177.
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