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Listowel Memorial Hospital Foundation – Donation

Listowel Hospital sponsor

“On behalf of Wightman, I am honoured to contribute to the hospital’s fundraising efforts for the expansion of the Fisher Family Primary Care Centre, knowing that our support will directly impact the health and well-being of our growing community” said Stephen Novotny, Vice President Technology. Photo(L-R): Elizabeth Dwyer, Foundation Manager and Stephen Novotny.

How to Get the Best Deals From TV Service Providers in Orangeville, Ontario


Were you aware that Canadians watch around 21 hours of TV and video content each week? Getting the best deals from TV services providers in Orangeville, Ontario can be a great way to save while enjoying your favourite content. With several TV providers in the area, it’s important to know how to explore them. Are you eager … Read more

Landline Phones – Peace of Mind Communication for Safety and Security

Landline Home Phone

Even in a world where mobile phones and internet-based communication have become ubiquitous, there are compelling reasons why having a landline phone remains beneficial for safety and security for home or business. Reliability One of the biggest advantages of having a landline phone is reliability. Unlike mobile phones, which can experience dropped calls or poor … Read more

A Customer’s Guide to Switching Internet Service Providers

Whether you’re moving, or your current internet company is just not cutting it anymore, at some point, switching internet companies will be a necessary part of life. Here are some tips to help you make the switch without spending more than necessary. How Much are your Current Internet Costs? First, find out how much you’re … Read more

What to Expect When You Have a Wightman Technician Appointment

Have you made an appointment with a Wightman Technician? Here’s what you can expect. Wightman’s Customer Care staff can assist you in set up your optical fibre and TV services for your new home even before you move in. This is whether you are a current customer or prospective client. If you have scheduled an … Read more

What is Fiber-Optic Internet?

What is Fiber-Optic Internet? Wightman is bringing fiber-optic technology to your town and you’re wondering just what IS fiber internet, and why should you connect to it?  Fiber-optic internet is state of the art, future proof technology, which is ideal for homes and businesses that require a fast, reliable internet connection, that is going to … Read more