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What Are My Options for Residential Fibre Internet in Ontario?


Have you been on the fence about installing fibre internet in your home? Would it help if we told you that fibre internet has a download speed of 1000 Mbps? That’s five times faster than the fastest cable network!

However, it’s not just the technology that gives you the fastest available internet; it’s also your internet service provider. You have several ISP options if you’re in the Ontario (California) area and want to install residential fibre internet. Learn more about them in this handy overview.

Cheapest Residential Fibre Internet Services

The most common reason people switch internet service plans is because their current provider’s prices are outrageous. That’s where Wightman stands out from the crowd with the most affordable uncapped internet plan.

Wightman offers a stable residential fibre internet service bundle with no hidden fees and consistent speeds day and night. This service plan also has the option to upgrade the upload speed for an additional $20 per month, which is useful for gaming or uploading large files of content to the web.

Fastest Residential Fibre Services

The main selling point behind fibre is that it’s blazing fast. If you’re looking for a residential internet provider with the fastest speeds, consider Frontier Internet. They have a package that offers a download speed of up to 5000 Mbps!

Frontier advertises no hidden fees, data caps, or overcharges. However, you do have to pay for each individual add-on you buy with their plan, most of which are quite vital for an adequate internet setup.

There are also very few instances where such an enormous download speed would be necessary for home use. Many argue that even a 1 Gbps line is overkill for most residential fiber internet services. Only if each member of a large family simultaneously streams a video in 4K or games online will a one-gig connection be necessary.

Most Reliable Fibre Services

Another pain point for internet users is an unreliable connection or network. AT&T is considered the most reliable of California’s major fiber providers by consumers and CNET. AT&T is especially effective for anyone in deep urban areas but may not cater as well to suburban homes.

However, even though AT&T connections tend to fail the least, this does not mean that they don’t ever fail. This is where most people have trouble, as AT&T’s customer service barely ever breaks a two-star rating. If this concerns you, then it’s advisable to choose from the more localized Ontario internet services like Wightman.

Get Connected Today

If you’re looking for residential fibre internet in Ontario and surrounding areas, many options are available. Frontier provides the cheapest five-gig connection, but that sort of speed isn’t necessary for most home users.

AT&T provides a fibre connection to a network that experiences the least failures. However, getting support may be pretty frustrating if you do have problems.

Choose Wightman if you want reliable, affordable, dependable, and fast internet rolled into one bundle. There are numerous ways to sign up with Wightman, and we’ll be more than happy to get you connected today.