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Wightman Brings Fibre Internet to Shelburne

Wightman Bring Fibre Internet to Shelburne Ontario

Wightman Proudly Expands Fibre Internet to Shelburne!

Wightman Telecom, a proudly family owned leading telecommunications company in Ontario for over 115 years, has announced the launch of its high-speed fibre internet service project in Shelburne. This ongoing project will provide residents and businesses in Shelburne with faster and more reliable internet speeds than ever before.

The launch of Wightman’s fibre internet, TV and phone service in Shelburne is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to improve connectivity in rural Ontario. With the increasing importance of reliable high speed internet connectivity in today’s world, this move by Wightman is a much-needed development for the people of Shelburne.

Fibre internet is widely regarded as the future of internet connectivity. Unlike traditional copper wire networks, fibre networks use glass or plastic cables to transmit data. This allows for much faster and more reliable internet speeds, which is essential for activities such as streaming, gaming, and remote work.

Wightman’s fibre internet service will offer speeds of up to 1 Gig, which is more than enough for even the most demanding internet users. The service will be available to both residential and business customers, making it a great option for everyone in the community.

Overall, the launch of Wightman’s fibre internet service in Shelburne is a welcome development for the community. With faster and more reliable internet speeds, residents and businesses in Shelburne, Ontario can stay connected and thrive in today’s digital world, and for years to come.

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