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Neustadt Fibre – Granny’s Gets It!

High speed fibre internet , TV and phone in to Neustadt Ontario!

We Have Exciting News!

Exciting news for Nesustadt internet, phone and TV customers! Wightman is constructing a Fibre to the Home network throughout the Neustadt Ontario area. This means every home and business in Neustadt will have access to High Speed Internet, On Demand TV, and reliable Home Phone service.

Granny’s in Neustadt will be offering a trial of FREE wifi, and as an added bonus, NEW Wightman customers within Neustadt get a $25 Granny’s Gift Card!

To qualify for this promotion, you must call or email us, and use code “Granny’s”

It’s easy to sign up and make arrangements to have the fastest internet in your home or business:

This is an ongoing summer construction project – ensure you are on the list for fibre construction now, during the prebuild phase.  Existing Wightman Customer? Sign up for Fibre Construction Learn more about the Advantages of Fibre Here