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Wightman Brings Fibre Internet to Orangeville

Wightman Bring Fibre Internet to Shelburne Ontario

Great news for Orangeville – Wightman Telecom, a leading telecommunications company in Ontario, is continuing its ongoing project of expanding fibre internet throughout the town of Orangeville, Ontario. This exciting development will provide Orangeville residents and businesses with faster, more reliable internet speeds and a more seamless online experience. Services will also expand to include fibre TV service, home and business phone, and IPTV.

What is Fibre Internet?

Fibre internet, also known as fibre-optic internet, is a type of internet connection that uses fibre-optic cables to transmit data. Unlike traditional copper cables, fibre-optic cables use light to transmit data, allowing for much faster speeds and more reliable connections.

With fibre internet, Orangeville residents will be able to enjoy lightning-fast download and upload speeds, as well as smoother streaming and online gaming experiences. They will also be able to connect multiple devices to the internet simultaneously without experiencing any slowdowns.

The introduction of fibre internet in Orangeville is a game-changer for the community. Wightman Telecom’s investment in this technology demonstrates their commitment to providing reliable, high-speed internet to rural communities in Ontario. With fibre internet, Orangeville residents can look forward to a more seamless online experience and a better-connected future. With speeds on fibre internet of up to 1 Gig, you can connect, play and work with as many devices as you could ever want or need!

Why Wightman?

Wightman Telecom is a proudly family owned and operated company that has been providing internet and phone services to rural communities in Ontario for over 115 years. With their dedication to fibre internet, they continue taking their commitment to providing reliable, high-speed internet to the next level.

In addition to Orangeville, Wightman Telecom is also bringing fibre internet to other communities in the region, including Shelburne, Neustadt, Mildmay and Teeswater. By investing in these communities, Wightman Telecom is helping to bridge the digital divide and ensure that everyone has access to the internet they need to stay connected and thrive.

Wightman is committed to supporting the communities that they provide services to keep. By keeping Tech Support, Installation, Network Operations, Construction, and Customer Service local and small town based, they provide jobs to the community, and ensure that their service people are personally invested in the experiences they provide. After all, they aren’t just employees – they’re customers as well!

How Do I Sign Up?

Switching to Wightman is easy!

To make the switch to fibre internet from Wightman, Orangeville residents can sign up online, by phone at 519-415-4273, by texting us at 519-415-9516 or by coming in to our local Orangeville Sales Office at 95 First St, Unit B4 (Walmart Plaza).

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Check out our Orangeville FTTH page for more details on our Construction Project in Orangeville.