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Rural High Speed Internet Options in Ontario: An Overview


Only 59.5% of rural households have access to adequate connection speeds in Canada. This doesn’t only mean slow internet and no access to rural high speed internet.

For a lot of people, it means limited access to smart home technology and fewer opportunities for state-of-the-art home alarm systems. It also means that remote work and telehealth solutions will be very difficult if not impossible to have in a lot of cases.

Today, not much runs without some type of smart technology, although some things can. What’s interesting is that not many people know that Canada is the only developed nation that has ‘close to zero’ internet connectivity across its rural areas. However, people want to live in more rural locations without sacrificing high speed connectivity.

Keep reading to find out what some of the options are that are available in Ontario and what option is considered to be the best for more rural areas.


Exceulink positions itself as an unlimited internet provider. There is no need for contracts and no activation fees. You can usually get service with speeds from 30 Mbps to 1 Gbps which can be good for a range of different households.

While they have a lot of offerings, Execulink only has a 1.63-star rating. Many consumers have reported having trouble with ‘updated’ equipment and still having the problem of random internet shut-offs.

This sounds like it could be the issue of dead spots. Either way, it might be a tricky service to use long-term in a rural area.


Xplore is one of the multiple internet providers in Ontario. The company offers 100% pure fibre internet which is often a good choice when looking for an internet provider. They offer multiple packages for internet and home phone services outside of their Wi-Fi solutions as well.

The problem is that consumers have mentioned that their services are overpriced and slow. It can also be unreliable in some areas which makes the issue of being overpriced more concerning.

Wightman Telecom

If you want high-quality rural high speed internet, Wightman would make the best choice to use as your Ontario internet provider. Their secret is the use of TrueMesh in their installations.

This technology actively provides Wi-Fi signals in every direction. Their solution helps to eliminate dead spots, something that rural households often experience with their internet providers.

It takes minutes to set up and you get 24 hours of support every day of the week. This can come in handy especially if you are far out from urban areas. Updates and feature notifications are easily managed all through their eero app.

This even includes parental controls and special accesses. It’s a top whole-home Wi-Fi choice for high speed internet. This is especially true for anyone who favors wide-range connectivity.

Rural High Speed Internet Without the Hassle

Households in rural areas often have the challenge of finding reliable internet. This means they have limitations on home security and telehealth.

They’re also limited when it comes to remote work and remote school options. All of which they would have if they had a provider that worked well. High quality and affordable rural high speed internet doesn’t have to be far out of reach.

Get in touch with Wightman today to experience what fast, reliable, and secure whole-home internet is really like.