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Residential and Business Mobility Services: Choosing a Plan for You

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Mobility plans in the modern era are no longer a luxury; they’re a lifeline to the outside world. With that in mind, choosing one that offers dependable connectivity at a price you can afford has never been more important.

Yet most customers find themselves faced with a vast ocean of choice of providers and plans. Where should you begin your search?

Read on as we decipher the details and guide you in finding mobility services in Ontario that perfectly fit your needs.

Residential Vs. Business: The Key Differences

Residential and business plans have different features tailored to the customer’s needs. It’s important you know why the difference exists so that you can pick the one best suited to you. 

For example, residential plans often have family features, like family sharing. That allows all house members to pool and share their data use.

You will also see some pricing packages that are highly competitive in cost to support those in the lower-income bracket.

Business plans may have other primary focuses, like extra security layers, for example. You may also find that business plans offer additional services, like specialized business apps.

Decide What Features You Need

Once you’ve decided on whether you fit into the residential or business category, your next step is to list the needed features. A priority list will help you narrow your choices of internet providers.

If choosing a residential package, start by looking at data allowances. View previous plans to see what your typical usage is over a year. Remember to look at family-sharing options, too.

You should also consider whether you need a plan that offers low-cost international call rates. If you make overseas calls regularly, it’s worth finding a package with this benefit.

For business users, consider features like security, high-speed network, and integration with other business tools.

Whether you are a business or residential user, finding a plan that offers flexibility is also helpful. It will help keep your costs low if your priorities change.

Other Factors to Consider 

Aside from features, you’ll need to consider other aspects of a mobility service plan. The first is plan length or contract term. 

If you don’t envisage your needs changing, you may find a better deal with a longer-term plan.

But this isn’t always ideal if circumstances change-a shorter-term plan might be best. Check cancellation fees to see what you need to plan to end a contract early. 

Ensure you choose a provider that will help you review your plan periodically to check you are always getting the best value for money.

You should also consider network coverage if you live outside a city. You don’t want to opt for a network that doesn’t cover your area if you live in a more remote spot

You should also remember the importance of device compatibility when switching plans.

Mobility Services: Find the Right Plan Now

It’s good to stay organized when choosing mobility services. You have many options available, but finding a good fit can save you money and provide a more convenient package of features.

Start your search now at Wightman, a leading Ontario internet provider. View our competitive packages for Ontario residents here. 

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