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Supported Wightman Streaming TV Apps

Wightman Streaming TV - watch tv from any device!

Supported Wightman TV Streaming TV Apps:

Wightman Streaming TV service runs on AmazonApple and Roku devices.  Most current models will run Wightman Streaming IPTV efficiently.

Wightman Streaming TV is officially supported on the versions listed below each device.

Newer Models of the listed devices and Smart TVs equipped with Amazon, Roku and/or AppleTV
software may work in most cases but are not guaranteed.

Stick Gen2#
Fire TV Gen3
Stick 4K
Fire Cube Gen2
Fire TV Stick 4K or 4K Max
Fire TV Cube Gen3
(Fire TV Stick Lite is not supported)
Gen 4 and newer
Gen 1 4k and newer
Express 3900X
Premiere 3920X
Streaming Stick 3810X
Ultra 4640X
Download FireTV
Setup Guide

 Download Apple TV
Setup Guide

Download Roku
Setup Guide 

Wightman Streaming TV on Mobile

You can also watch Wightman Streaming TV on an Apple or Android handheld device which is connected to your Wightman wifi network.

First, download the MyTvs App from the App Store or PlayStore. Then, set up using the “Add New Account” option, using the set up details provided to you by customer service. Don’t have account details? Email customer service for assistance.

MyTvs App in the Google Play StoreMyTvs App in the Apple App Store
MyTvs AppMyTvs App

Required Specifications for Wightman Streaming TV

Please remember that Wightman Streaming TV requires the following, in addition to the installed app on a device as listed above:

* a subscription to Wightman Basic TV with one wired Set Top Box
* a Wightman fibre internet connection of 50 mpbs or better

Not sure if you have the required services? Contact us.

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