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Validate Your Account Scam Email

Customers receiving the following email should be aware that it is not from Wightman. It is a phishing scam, intendended to obtain confidential password information which will give the scammers access to your email account, and any banking, investment or other information which accessing your email may provide them with.

A reminder: Wightman will NEVER ask you for your password via email and we will never send email asking you to ‘update your account’ by clicking a link.

The email will look similar to the one below, which we have removed the link from:

Subject: Please Validate Your Account.

Dear Valued Customer,

 We are currently upgrading our database  to serve you better. Active users are  expected to update their account to keep it active. Failure to update your account will be deactivated as we presumed it is no longer active in our system.   

  Please kindly click on the link to upgrade your account

   We kindly ask you to proceed and secure your information on our link above.

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