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Tech Support Scam Calls – Remote Computer Access

One of the most common scams customers may encounter is the Tech Support Scam Call. In this scam, a caller will pretend to be from a well known tech company – they may claim to be calling from Microsoft, or they may claim that they are calling on behalf of Wightman. They will ask you … Read more

Webmail Scam Email

Customers receiving the following email should be aware that it is not from Wightman. It is a phishing scam, intendended to obtain confidential password information which will give the scammers access to your email account, and any banking, investment or other information which accessing your email may provide them with. A reminder: Wightman will NEVER … Read more

Scam Call – Temporary Line

Someone is calling Wightman Customers and advising we are putting in a temporary line, and eluding to the fact you can keep the temporary line if you pay a monthly surcharge.  This is a scam. As always, if you are not sure, please feel free to reach out to us –  Call Customer Care at … Read more

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