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Top Features for the
Remote Workplace

Wightman has several solutions available to help you and your team adapt to a hybrid workplace and stay productive as some work in the office, and others work remotely from home. Here are some features that can enable your team to function and thrive remotely.

To add any of these features, contact us today!

  • Residential customers call 1-888-477-2177
  • Business customers call Jackie Ferguson 1-855-727-9277 or Dave Foerster 1-866-927-9229


           Learn about Cyber Safety Tips here

Cyber Safety: Best Practices Working from Home

Many companies have started to have their staff working from home where possible. This is now creating a better chance for cyber criminals to gain access to information than ever before. On top of that they are taking advantage of people’s fear.

This is a quick list of extra steps you can take to make working from home safer.

1. Connect to a secured network

  • A wired connection is best.
  • A wireless connection to a password protected SSID.
  • Do NOT use public WiFi.

2. Connect to a VPN

  • Creates a secure connection which data is passed through.
  • DO NOT forward extra ports to your work PC or set it as a DMZ device on the router.
  • Even on a VPN your PC is still only part of your home network.

3. Be careful of at home setup pictures

  • No confidential information showing on your screen(s).
  • No confidential information showing on papers or anything else at the workspace.

4. Be suspicious of COVID-19 emails

  • Emails have been going around offering links to websites for data or supply purchases.
  • Emails are trying to get people to go to websites to help malware spread.
  • Emails are also trying to sell supplies just to gain payment and personal information.
  • Some emails are spoofed very well and can make you think the source is authentic.

5. Be wary of COVID-19 websites

  • Stick with websites you know and trust for COVID-19 information.
  • Fake COVID-19 websites have been made which just want to infect users with malware.

6. Be wary of unknown apps and/or software programs

  • Stick with the pre-loaded apps & software programs on your computer.
  • Do not download Apps/programs/screen-savers etc. from unknown sources.