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Visually Impaired Customers

Wightman TV services available for Visually Impaired Customers Wightman makes it easier for Visually Impaired customers with a few different options. • Offering Described Video Service (DVS) programming. • Offering Big Button Remotes. • Adjusting Guide display format making it easier to see programming information. Described Video Service (DVS) Wightman offers access to Described Video … Read more

What’s Hot App

The What’s Hot application allows you to view local area real time information about what others in your local area are watching. The end user can easily tune to one of the “What’s Hot” programs or set a recording. Select the MENU button on your remote control. Select Apps, highlight What’s Hot, and select the OK button. A … Read more

Using the On-Screen Program Guide

Using the Channel GuideThe Channel Guide is your on-screen tool to see what is on television. It allows you to surf channels while still watching a program. Press the GUIDE button on the remote control. Information about the program you are tuned to displays at the top of the screen along with indicators showing the … Read more

ReStart TV

ReStartTV allows you to watch a program from the start if you’ve missed the beginning. NOTE: ReStartTV is only available on certain channels. If the program is available for ReStartTV, the green button and text “Watch from Start” will appear at the bottom of the Guide.Using the info button on your remote for the information … Read more

Low Battery Pop-up

The Potenza remote control sends a low-battery code when the battery power drops to the predefined threshold. It will display a “Remote Battery Low” window on the TV for a few seconds. This will display at a maximum of once every 10 minutes.

DVR Binge Mode

When you are watching programming from a Series Recording and have multiple recordings, this mode will prompt you to watch the next recording in a series once you are done with the initial one. You can also highlight DELETE to delete the episode you just watched. Then either RETURN TO TV, RETURN TO LIST, or … Read more