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Wightman Whole Home Wi-Fi Support


  • Can I use an eero Beacon as my gateway?
    • eero Beacons cannot be used as a gateway.
  • How many eeros can I have on a single network?
    • There is no limit to the number of eeros. However, more isn’t always
      better. We generally recommend one eero for every 1,000 square feet
      but it varies case-by-case.
  • Can I use eero Beacons with non-eero routers?
    • No, eero Beacons can only be used with other eeros. In order to add a
      Beacon to your network, it will need to be added through the eero app
      and connected to a gateway eero that is connected to your upstream
      modem or device via Ethernet.
  • Will my connection be faster if I hardwire all of my eeros or if I use
    the wireless mesh network?
    • If you’ve got the right equipment, and you’d like to hardwire your
      eeros, you will typically get the fastest connection. Hardwiring your
      eeros means you won’t lose any throughput because there aren’t any
      wireless hops.
  • How much distance should there be between eeros?
    • For the best experience, when wireless, eeros and eero Beacons should
      be no more than 50 feet away from at least one other eero.

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eero Help Videos

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Add an eero to your network

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