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Installing Your New SmartRG SR400 Router

Remove your SmartRG SR400 from the box. You should have:

• Router
• Power Adapter
• Ethernet Cable


Connecting the Cables


1.  Plug the power adapter into the back of the SmartRG router and also into an electrical outlet. Ensure the on/off button on the side of the SmartRG router is pushed in. You should see a Power light.

2.  Plug the white Ethernet cable into the port on the SmartRG router labelled WAN. The other end of this cable should go to an ethernet jack in the wall or directly to ETH 1 on the Fibre Optic modem. Typically, this modem will be mounted on a wall. The WAN light should go solid within a few minutes.

3.  Wired devices can be connected using an additional Ethernet cable (not included) plugged in to any one of the yellow LAN ports on the SmartRG router unless the SmartRG router is also being used for TV services.

If TV service is also configured on this router, use LAN Port 1 only for devices.

* The SmartRG On/Off – Power Button
Located on the side of the SmartRG. The power light is on the top of the modem.