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Fibre Information: 1-877-TOFIBRE (863-4273)


Fibre Information: 1-877-TOFIBRE (863-4273)

Our world is connected like never before, and the global economy is becoming more technologically advanced. Wightman is no exception. We’re connecting you and paving the road to the future with Fibre to the Home.

Like water and electricity, connectivity has become an essential utility for many homes and businesses. A fibred community enhances quality of life, providing users with unsurpassed access to Phone, Internet, and TV. Now Wightman Telecom’s revolutionary fibre optic network will enable all of your communication and entertainment services to be carried over a single strand of glass at the speed of light.

From providing outstanding customer service to giving back to our community, our deep-rooted values and commitment to our customers are the foundation of our continued growth and success.

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