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Rating System Definition


Exempt programming includes: News, sports, documentaries and other information programming; talk shows, music videos, and variety programming.


Programming intended for children with this designation must adhere to the provisions of the Children’s section of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters CAB Violence Code.
As this programming is intended for younger children under the age of 8 years, it will pay careful attention to themes which could threaten their sense of security and well-being. As programming for children requires particular caution in the depiction of violence, there will be no realistic scenes of violence. Depictions of aggressive behavior will be infrequent and limited to portrayals that are clearly imaginary and unrealistic in nature.
Violence Guidelines

  • Might contain occasional comedic, unrealistic depictions

Other Contents Guidelines

  • Language: No offensive language
  • Sex/Nudity: None

Children Over 8 Years

This classification is applied to children’s programming that is generally considered acceptable for youngsters 8 years and over to view on their own. It is suggested that a parent/guardian co-view programming assigned this classification with younger children under the age of 8.
Programming with this designation adheres to the provisions of the Children’s Section of CAB Violence Code. These include not portraying violence as the preferred, acceptable, or only way to resolve conflict; or encouraging children to imitate dangerous acts which they may see on the screen.
Programming within this classification might deal with themes which could be unsuitable for younger children. References to any such controversial themes shall be discreet and sensitive to the 8-12 year age range of this viewing group.
Violence Guidelines

  • Any realistic depictions will be infrequent, discreet, of low intensity, and shall portray the consequences of violence.
  • Violence portrayed must be within the context of the storyline or character development.
  • Might include mild physical violence, comedic violence, comic horror, special effects; fantasy, supernatural, or animated violence.

Other Content Guidelines

  • Language: No profanity; might have infrequent use of language which may be considered by some to be socially offensive or discriminatory, and then only if employed within the context of storyline or character development.
  • Sex/Nudity: None.


Considered acceptable for all age groups. Appropriate viewing for the entire family.
This is programming intended for a broad, general audience. While not designed specifically for children, it is understood that younger viewers may be part of the audience. Therefore programming within this classification shall contain very little violence, either physical, verbal or emotional.
It will be sensitive to themes which could threaten a younger child’s sense of security, and will depict no realistic scenes of violence which minimize or gloss over the effects of violent acts.
Violence Guidelines

  • Minimal, infrequent
  • May contain comedic, unrealistic depictions
  • Contains no frightening special effects not required by storyline

Other Content Guidelines

  • Language: May contain inoffensive slang, – no profanity.
  • Sex/Nudity: None.

Parental Guidance

This programming, while intended for a general audience, may not be suitable for younger children (under the age of 8). Parents/guardians should be aware that there might be content elements which some could consider inappropriate for unsupervised viewing by children in the 8-13 age range.

Programming within this classification might address controversial themes or issues. Cognizant that pre-teens and early teens could be part of this viewing group, particular care must be taken not to encourage imitational behavior, and consequences of violent actions shall not be minimized.
Violence Guidelines

  • Any depiction of conflict and/or aggression will be limited and moderate; it might include physical, fantasy, or supernatural violence.
  • Any such depictions should not be pervasive, and must be justified within the context of theme, storyline or character development.

Other Content Guidelines

  • Language: Might contain infrequent and mild profanity
  • Might contain mildly suggestive language
  • Sex/Nudity: Could possibly contain brief scenes of nudity
  • Might have limited and discreet sexual references or content when appropriate to the storyline or theme

Over 14 Years

Programming with this classification contains themes or content elements which might not be suitable for viewers under the age of 14. Parents are strongly cautioned to exercise discretion in permitting viewing by pre-teens and early teens without parent/guardian supervision, as programming with this classification could deal with mature themes and societal issues in a realistic fashion.

Violence Guidelines

  • While violence could be one of the dominant elements of the storyline, it must be integral to the development of plot or character.
  • Might contain intense scenes of violence.

Other Content Guidelines

  • Language: Could possibly include strong or frequent use of profanity
  • Sex/Nudity: Might include scenes of nudity and/or sexual activity within the context of narrative or theme.


Intended for viewers 18 years and older.

This classification applies to programming which could contain any or all of the following content elements which would make the program unsuitable for viewers under the age of 18.
Violence Guidelines

  • Might contain depictions of violence, which while integral to the development of plot, character or themes, are intended for adult viewing, and thus are not suitable for audiences under 18 years of age.

Other Content Guidelines

  • Language: Might contain graphic language.
  • Sex/Nudity: Might contain explicit portrayals of sex and/or nudity.