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Caller/Phone Scam

Be aware, the holidays are a popular time for phone scammers to catch you off guard.

Here is an example of a phone scam you may receive over the holidays.

Caller with a ‘local’ number calling to ask questions about your location and about your computuer.

There was a woman who called and started asking questions about Fergus and I was polite and answered. I noticed something move on my old computer (runs windows 7) and right away hung up on the lady. In that short time the scammer had hacked my computer and installed ‘’. They ended up getting $6000+ out of my account. I have reported this to the police.

Customer in Fergus

Tips for anyone who receives calls like this:

  1. If you do not recognize a number Do Not Answer
  2. Ensure you have your saved passwords on your computer Password Protected
  3. If you need help, call us at 1-877-327-4440

We will never ask for access to your computer unless YOU CALLED tech. support.