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Stratford Fibre to the Home

We've expanded our fibre network, making Stratford another Wightman Gig Internet community!

Wightman is connecting your community for the future with Fibre to the Home – a faster and more reliable technology that offers a direct connection to virtually unlimited possibilities!  

With Wightman, you can enjoy all your services from one local provider while getting internet speeds up to 1 Gbps, TV service the way you want, and reliable home and business phone service.

Get all the details about Wightman's Fibre to the Home project:

You must sign up for Wightman Fibre to the Home service to get Fiber to your home or business. We will not automatically bring Fibre to your home or business; even current Wightman customers must sign up. Please call us at 1-877-863-4273 or Email us. 

Fibre to the Home FAQs

All of our store locations can be found on the “Contact Us” page. If you are a new area for us, your store may still be in the opening phase, but check back frequently for opening updates!

  • On the residential side:
    • Amazing Internet with speed tiers as fast as 1 Gbps – all Wightman’s Internet packages are unlimited with no usage based billing;
    • Digital TV with crystal-clear HD channels, DVR, Whole Home DVR, and TV Everywhere. We offer a wide selection of pre-built packages and standalone channels;
    • Home phone with 10 free features; 
    • Mobility service to complete your quad-play bundle.

  • On the business side, we offer all of the above as well as:
    • Business data services;
    • Managed WiFi;
    • Business HPBX (Hosted Private Branch Exchange) or on-premise solutions;
    • CCTV IP cameras and Network Video Recording systems.

No. Subscription to only one service is required to have fibre installed, but bundling all your services with Wightman provides you with more savings!

Absolutely! You can keep your current phone number, and Wightman will port this phone number from your current provider on your behalf.

Your fibre is connected with an ONT which is connected to a back up battery. So long as you keep a phone handy in your house that does NOT require a power supply (so, and old fashioned corded phone with no digital display) your phone will work for up to 8 hours if the power is out. When it comes back, your battery will re charge itself again. 

Yes! There are some great reasons to sign up for Fibre to the Home now. If you sign up now, your price will be locked in based on our current prices. That could mean signing up today, you would lock in to our special rates, along with any promotions, even if you don’t get connected until next year! 

Signing up today also allows you to move your internet and/or phone service over to Wightman now, and start to enjoy the experience of being a Wightman customer.

Knowing where the most interest is also influences our fibre design.

 No. The ONT does the job of a modem, but it is not wireless, so you will need a wifi router. If you would like to connect to the internet from any room in your home, Wightman offers a wireless router for only $4.95 per month, and we also offer Whole Home Wifi Wireless Mesh, for true full wireless coverage.

We can help!

Contact Customer Service and we can assist you with transitioning your services to us – you can even keep your home or business phone numbers!

  • Customers can start the fibre sign up process in any of the following ways:

Fibre optics provides the most robust, secure, and cost-effective solution for bringing truly high-speed internet to individual homes. It can manage significantly faster internet speeds over greater distances, and it is not subject to transmission interference like copper, coaxial cable, and wireless. Fibre optics offers more transmission security, requires less maintenance, and has a significantly longer lifespan than other technologies.

Construction is well underway and homes are now being installed with Wightman Fibre to the Home. 

We always do our best to keep residents up to date on construction! We announce our plans on our social media, via direct mail to your home, and you can see the map on this page for more details. You are also always welcome to drop in to your local Wightman store for more details. 

Our construction project will occur in several stages, and this information will be available on here, on social media, or by visiting our store. Also, when we have plans to come down your street, we will advise each home and business in the area with a construction letter and information brought to your door. We do our best to make sure you know well in advance, and you won’t be able to miss us!

Wightman adds new fibre areas all the time – stay tuned to our site and to our social media channels for more details!

Why not watch the short video we have on this page? It will give you a brief overview of the construction process!

Fibre to the Home installation is free if you subscribe to our service during the initial construction period.

Customers who wait until after fibre construction is complete in their neighbourhood will incur an installation fee.