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Emergency Request for Basic Subscriber Information

Officers requesting emergency subscriber information must provide the following details :


  1. The IP Address or Telephone number that being inquired about

  2. The date and time, as precisely as possible, at which the IP address or telephone number was associated with the emergency;

  3. The personal information being requested (for example, name and service address associated with the IP address at that date and time);

  4. The name of the law enforcement agency making the request;

  5. The occurrence number giving rise to the request;

  6. A brief description of the nature of the emergency, including a brief explanation of why it is impracticable to obtain a court order;

  7. The information that being requested and generally how it will assist in avoiding the imminent bodily harm;

  8. The name, rank, badge number, and contact information of the requesting officer;

  9. The name, rank, and contact information for the Officer in Charge of the investigation; and

  10. The name, rank, and contact information for the commander of the particular unit or division with a rank of at least Sergeant and whether they are aware of the request being made.