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Arthur Fibre to the Home

arthur fibre to the home

We’re expanding our fibre network, making Arthur another gig community.

Wightman is connecting your community for the future with faster and more reliable technology, a direct connection to virtually unlimited possibilities! Enjoy all your services from one local provider; Internet speeds up to 1 Gbps, TV service the way you want, and reliable phone service.

Get all the details about our Fibre to the Home project:

To get fibre to your home or business, you must sign up for Wightman Fibre to the Home service. We will not automatically bring fibre to your home or business, and even current Wightman customers must sign up.

Please call us at 1-888-477-2177 or email us.

See what our customers are saying about making the switch to Fibre to the Home:

If you are interested in learning more about Wightman Fibre to the Home service, we hosted a Q&A session in the fall that can be viewed through Facebook.

We care so much that we want to be a part of your community. As part of our community partnership in Arthur, Wightman has donated an additional $1,000 to the Arthur Lions Club BMX Skateboard Park project. Learn more. 

Arthur Fibre to the Home Launch FAQs

A. There are four ways:

  1. Sign up online at
  2. Call us at 1.877.863.4273 and press 4 for Arthur.
  3. Email at and we will send you the details you need.
  4. Visit us in person at 490 St. Andrew St. W, Fergus or 95 First Street, Unit B4, Orangeville.

A. To complete the form you’ll need your name, address, service address (if different), contact details, services you would like to add, and your signature. The Fibre to the Home Service Agreement gives us permission to:

  • Contact you to arrange for a site preview to determine the best location to bring fibre into your home.
  • Bring fibre from the street to your home/business.
  • Access your home/business to install the ONT and wiring as required.

We will send you our Fibre Agreement to sign that gives us your commitment to keep the services for 3 years. It’s advantageous to sign up as early as you can as you then lock your 3-year term in at the price as of the day you sign up.

A. Fibre to the Home uses glass fibre to carry communications signals. It replaces existing copper infrastructure, such as telephone wires and TV cable, with a faster, more reliable method of delivering internet, TV, and phone services.

A. Fibre optics provides the most robust, secure, and cost-effective solution for bringing truly high-speed internet to individual homes. It can manage significantly faster internet speeds over greater distances, and it is not subject to transmission interference like copper, coaxial cable, and wireless. Fibre optics offers more transmission security, requires less maintenance, and has a significantly longer lifespan than other technologies.

A. No. Subscription to only one service is required to have fibre installed. However, bundling all your services with Wightman should provide you with more savings.

A. No. The ONT does the job of a modem, but it is not wireless. If you would like to connect to the internet from any room in your home, Wightman offers a wireless router for only $4.95 per month.

A. Yes. However, bundling all your services with Wightman should provide you with more savings.

A. An ONT is powered by electricity but requires a battery in the event of a power outage. If you have telephone service, our battery will provide emergency power for several hours of talk time during an outage.

A. No. Fibre to the Home installation is free if you subscribe to our service during the initial construction period.

A. Customers who wait until after fibre construction is complete in their neighbourhood will incur an installation fee.

A. No. Current customers are required to sign up for our Fibre to the Home service. You can visit one of our offices, sign up online, call, or email us.

A. The commitment will be cancelled at no cost if you move from your current address.

A. No. Service providers have to cancel your account on the day you request and we can take care of this for you if you like. You will receive a final bill from your current provider and are responsible for returning any of their equipment that you are renting.

A. Yes, you can keep your current phone number. Wightman will port this phone number from your current provider on your behalf.

A. Main construction is now complete in Arthur, check our blog for updates on construction progress.

A. We will publish our progress on our website that gives a high level view. As we start the mainline construction, we will drop off bags with information on our services and describing the construction process. This letter indicates we will begin construction in the next week or so after delivery.

A. We are planning to cover the entire town with mainline fibre. There will be some addresses that getting a service line in is not possible and we may not be able to serve that location. This happens very rarely.

A. Stop in and see us, give us a call, or send an email and we can confirm for you.

Press Release

For Immediate Release: March 9, 2020

Re:    Wightman Bringing Fibre to the Home to Arthur


Kenilworth, ON –

Local communications provider Wightman announced Monday that they are bringing next-generation telecommunications to homes and businesses in Arthur. The announcement was made at Wellington North’s Council meeting.

Beginning in Spring 2020, Wightman’s $6-million Fibre project will see more than 37,000 metres of fibre optic lines buried throughout the Village of Arthur, covering over 1,100 living and business units. Wightman is bringing a strand of fibre into each of these homes and businesses in Arthur.

Fibre optic technology uses laser pulses of light sent through tiny strands of glass to transmit data, allowing for a significant increase in the speed at which Internet signals can be carried. With Fibre to the Home and Business technology, Wightman is able to provide customers with Internet speeds as fast 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps), High Definition TV with the latest user features, and digital home phone service. Wightman’s President and CEO Rob Figliuzzi is thrilled to be bringing this technology to Arthur. “For several years now, Wightman has been offering its services and has been a part of the Arthur community. It’s only appropriate that we now make the significant investment in a fibre optic infrastructure for Arthur with leading-edge technology that can accommodate any home or business communications needs today and into the future.” Arthur will mark the family-owned company’s 11th Fibre to the Home build.

Construction will begin in 2020. Mayor Andy Lennox is enthusiastic about Wightman Fibre to the Home coming to Arthur. “We are thrilled that Wightman is investing in the Community of Arthur with Fibre to the Home and Business infrastructure. Arthur is a great place to invest and live, and having Wightman Fibre available is a huge asset for our current residents and businesses, as well as prospective residents and businesses who want to move to Arthur.”

Wightman’s Arthur location at 148 George Street, Suite 2 will open in April 2020.


For more information, please contact:

Hope Reidt, Marketing Manager

Wightman | 519-327-9276 |