Fibre Optic Internet

The Need for SPEED! How fast is Fibre?

As we do more and more online, we’ll need faster and faster internet speeds. Only Wightman’s Fibre to the Home is ready for the future, with the ability to deliver speeds in excess of 1,000 Mbps right now. Do you have the need for speed? Our download speeds start at 20 Mbps, and you can increase to 50 Mbps for only $10 more per month!** Need more? We can bring it!

Download in seconds, enjoy online media content, and browse the web all at the same time. Whether you’re plugged in or enjoying your home Wi-Fi, Wightman’s fibre lets you connect all of your digital devices and take advantage of a speedy connection — Even at peak hours, & even when the whole house is online!

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Key Features of our Fibre Optic Internet

Unlimited Bandwidth Usage Yes
Up to 5 Mbps Standard Upload Speed Yes
Talk and Surf at the same time Yes
Free Technical Support 24/7 Yes
Wireless Home Networking Compatible Yes


Email Addresses

Number of Accounts/Usernames Available 5
Email Storage Yes
Maximum single message size (main account) 10 MB
Free Access to Wightman WebMail Yes

Email Security Services Included

Free Worm Mitigation Yes
Free Anti-Virus Filter Yes
Free Anti-Spam Filter Yes


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*Where technology permits
**Some restrictions apply.